It’s been over a year since I posted anything on my progress after the surgical event (see other posts in this same category), and I don’t think I will resume posting on that topic. My relationship with polyarthritis has outgrown that episode – we have more and deeper things in common for this relationship to be derailed by a one night stand with some surgeons…

What I am observing is a disease that is claiming back my body one joint at the time – patient, but persisting. So I thought it would be interesting to periodically report on the casualties I am suffering and assess the impact it is having on my ability to perform like any other human. Of course such reports cannot be frequent – DON’T watch this space if you seek excitement and daily news, but perhaps once a year if there’s anything to report.

Statu quo (nov. 21st, 2009) – body count

  1. right fourth toe
  2. right middle finger – first joint
  3. left thumb – last joint
  4. left ringfinger – last joint (this is rather the outcome of a small trauma which broke it – since I remember the procedure that makes trauma centers cast your forearm in plaster for six weeks, leading to horrible pain when the cast is removed and movement resumes, I decided to do a home-made wrapping which obviously healed the joint in the wrong position. Careless !)
  5. right elbow – a suspect epicondilitis causes obnoxious pain when I place my elbow on any hard surface (such as a desk)

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