More on yesterday’s topic, News Corp. vs. Google. Murdoch on a Fox interview picked up by Techcrunch (more on this later) claims the future of newspapers is linked to paid for subscriptions which need a device like the Kindle to survive.

Not a new notion which seems to point to an all-proprietary marriage where News Corp ties the knot with Amazon or – even better –  Apple.

I am beginning to realize that in all this turmoil the true loser is openness: open systems were great in what was essentially a top-down society where companies could give away some intellectual property by agreeing on open standards because markets were their ken, where they controlled the flow of information. ‘Tis no more, the only viable alternative is back to proprietary subsystems where I control so much of the system itself I can manoeuver it as if it were a single entity and don’t have to worry about bits going astray.

Also, I wonder if the interest Techcrunch is showing on this is not perhaps partly motivated by the soon-to.be-released Crunchpad by Techcrunch’ own Mike Arrington ?

(side note: the most attentive reader will have noticed the use of the word “ken” above – this comes from a most useful feature of the Kindle: when you’re reading a text and come across a word you don’t know, you can click to the corresponding entry in the Oxford Dictionary – makes reading english poetry possible for me, in this case, a translation into English of the Iliad)


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