Why must we leave to the anglosaxons all the fun in making up dorky neologisms to represent how “2.0” we all are? The venerable Oxford Dictionary includes “unfriend” in its entries and makes it “Word of the Year”; I guess after having been intoxicated already with “hashtag” and “sexting” this is a minor offense after all.

But what about us? Can I propose words to the Accademia della Crusca for inclusion? I’ll risk ridicule and go ahead:

  1. unfriend – actually italian already has a perfectly adequate verb for that, which is inimicare (to make an enemy). It is curious that the opposite verb (perhaps “amicare”) does not exist and italians must use “fare amicizia” instead. So no new entry here.
  2. sexting – (sending text message of sexual content) that’s a cool word, only one character away from commonplace “texting” and I have seen already someone using sessaggiare, which applies the same mechanism. I’ll second that.
  3. hashtag – (tagging a tweet using a hash character prefix) – unfortunately the italian equivalent of “tag” is nowhere near its swiftness (categoria), and “hash” is even worse (cancelletto); putting those two together can only result in a Frankenword (ops – another neologism !) like cancegoria.
  4. tweet – (a 140 chars message sent using Twitter) – this is onomatopeic, so why not simply use its italian equally onomatopeic counterpart cip ?

Enough creativity already.


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