What’s worse than real estate websites?

I thought nothing could be worse than realtors’ websites when it comes to lack of usefut features, disregard for what users may want / need, command of technology and plain old common sense (lack thereof).

But I was wrong.

Today I needed to look up the available colors for the car I am ordering; sounds simple enough, right? Go on the website, have a look at the avaiulable colors, pick the one you like and off you go. Five minutes max.

But not with Mercedes-Benz. Their site isn’t supposed to be of any usefulness; whoever developed it was too busy waxing lyrically over the “ergonomic dashboard”, or the “imposing midline”. Nowhere on the site you are graced with, say, a picture of the car whose color changes as you click on the available ones; nor do they bother showing you which interior colors are allowed with the exterior color you selected.

Nor to give you any other boring information that could help the site (God forbid !) to close a sale. That is WAY too menial for such a work of art; that would probably spoil the artistic experience of the webspecial with tens of high-quality photos taken on a specially designed set by a very highly paid photographer taking pictures of professional models. This is art, for Heaven’s sake! Not a commercial !!

I hope the web agency who developed the damn website is already out of business. One fewer loser on the market.


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