The news of the international avalability of the Kindle was too much for me to resist.

Mine is arriving on October 27th, or so they say; the first thing I wanna do is stuff my whole library of sheet music on it – no more fumbling to find the right sheet, or squinting to read the words of a russian XVII century church song. No more endlessly replacing music in the small book I am able to hold. I bet however reading choir music on the relatively small screen will be a challenge – watch this space for more early testing impressions.

No more giving up on reading a book when traveling because it’s too heavy to carry; and no more giving up reading a page of a great classic simply because I don’t have it handy; I already made up a list of the first things that will land on my Kindle:

  1. the Bible
  2. the Divina Commedia
  3. Shakespeare’s Complete Works
  4. Oscar Wilde‘s opera omnia
  5. Le Monde, the IHT, the Times and the lone italian newspaper that exists in Kindle version, La Stampa – although I fear that keeping up with four newspapers is too much, so I’ll see…

And, by the way, a brand new category: “Journey with Kindle”.


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