My take from the Digital Music Forum

Interesting workshop, as usual I find myself vastly in disagreement.

I can’t stand the music Majors that blame everybody but themselves for their failures: there was NOTHING preventing Majors from inventing the model that Apple developed (shafting them all royally in the process), simply satisfying a need that consumers had. Instead, they chose to ignore it and sit on the revenue strem deriving from holding a choke on the connection between artists and access to consumers.

Guess what, consumers DID NOT LIKE being strangled and jumped at the opportunity – that does not necessarily mean getting music for free (although it’s impossibile to deny the allure of “free”) but it means a paradigm that puts the user at the center: the iPod allows you to have your music with you, instead of being limited to enjoying it in a special room.

The signs were there – wasn’t Sony’s last runaway success in music the Walkman? It was all there, but it meant accepting that people may have a higher say in what they choose, and how they use.

So the Majors are now threatening that there is going to be no more music, because nobody can make money. Or that they want for Telcos to share their access fees revenues because people use their connection to download music.

I say – good luck !!


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