Mafia Wars explanation

I have received an inordinate amount of Twitter DM’s saying that my account had been phished. This is because all who follow me on Twitter received an invitation to play a stupid game (Mafia Wars) and judged it so out of line with my profile as a serious consultant to conclude it could only be attributed to a malicious identity hijacking.

This prompts me to establish the truth:

The invitation to play Mafia Wars you got from me is genuine!

Of course, you are fully entitled to think I must have lost my marbles to waste time like this, so here are some additional thoughts on this:

  1. all this crap is experiential – I feel I have to get my hands dirty a little bit to really understand, if nothing else to save my clients from the predicament of doing it themselves.
  2. I have a genuine interest in understanding how a simple game like this unleashes such a big viral effect and how long it lasts
  3. I am NOT a “serious consultant”

Especially #3.


4 thoughts on “Mafia Wars explanation

      • You agreed on having a game sending tweets on your behave. The quality and subjects of this content may not be Gianni as he is. For me it decreases your credibility. So it might be wise not to give others the authority to use (borrow) your Twitter account.

  1. Not the way I see it. I play a game and invite people I correspond with to play with me. I do the same with tennis. The tweets on my behalf were my mistake because I didn’t set up my profile properly.
    And on the credibility loss issue, you are assuming I have any ;-D

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