To be or not to be… in Google News?

Publishers whine that they don’t get compensation for Google News to use their content and demand to opt-out, but Google retorts it’s sending them billions of clicks. The EU Court of Justice has already ruled in favor of Belgian newspapers, but I must say I am stumped at the whole discussion: I mean, it’s your site, right? So go ahead and edit robots.txt, whiners.

Hide where nobody can find you. Better still, take down the website, it’s the same – save a bundle in servers, storage, bandwidth, electricity, systems engineers keeping the thing going. Then you can put out a press release saying how you’re helping global warming by shutting down an unprofitable site, but please don’t blame others because you haven’t been able to figure out a way to monetize decently.

Sooner or later, as Murdoch said, all media will need to charge for their content online which to me is a welcome change – I always hated this “free-but-we’ll throw-in-some-adverts” thing. I want quality content.

And I want to pay for it.


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