Cool timelines

How many times did you have to make a timeline for a presentation?

Most times you have to make a choice between the full timeline context and the details of each event – shameful compromises ensue. Plus, the resulting image(s) may be (usually barely) readable, but is butt-ugly. I am so dissatisfied with the result that most of the times I kill that slide.

No more. A quick search revealed a very capable product (3D Timelines by BeeDocs) I just purchased for the very decent licence fee of USD 65 and started playing with; the result is not only a joy for the eyes, but VERY clear and understandable. You can use as a self-standing navigable presentation (you can link Keynote presentations or websites to each event) or create a Quicktime movie which you can embed in your presentation.

And of course, upload to YouTube as I just did with my first timeline so that I could embed it here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh, and sorry Windoze users – Mac only.


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