Summer misfortune

The morning I leave for holidays, I turn on my computer to check my email one last time.

Screen’s dead, fan’s dead, computer doesn’t boot. I actually don’t even remember turning it off the night before; this does not looks good. A quick check of boards through Mirella’s iMac reveals it might be a fried nVidia chip, the production date range roughly matches my computer’s. If that’s it, the whole logic board is gone, and my MacBook Pro is an aluminum paperweight.

What to do? Stores are about to close for the summer break – I cancel the day’s appointments, dash to Milan’s Apple Store – the other side of town, but summer traffic is a boon. The guy there says they do no fixin’, I should take it to a repair store, and there’s one around the corner.

Minutes later I’m there, they pronounce the machine dead, but luckily the nVidia failure is covered by a special extended warranty. But they have to send it back to Apple for a repair; however the rest of the machine is OK, so they offer to pull out the hard disk and use it as an Alt-start on an identical MBP. Which luckily I have, remember this Christmas’ massive move to Mac of my household?

They even place the HD in a firewire enclosure so that I keep the two USB ports available.

Actually, the purchase of two MBP identical to mine was by pure chance, I had originally set out to buy two MacBooks, but they turned out to be about the same price as the previous generation Pros – a redundancy which now pays back, as I won’t be getting the computer back until end august.


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