Testing the (would be) law

Summer is a slow news period. This may explain the outrage over the proposed Alfano decree – if passed, critics say, it could kill free speech on the Internet. Italian bloggers even organized a “strike” (is there anything funnier that blog posts  – erratic by design – not being posted in a certain day?) to preserve whatever spaces of free expression are still available.

In Italy.

Now, I need to understand this. Governments are busily trying to affirm the territoriality of something that is IMHO not territorial in the classical sense. I’m italian, but this blog is written in english and hosted on WordPress.com which is, I believe, an american corporation. Does that mean I will be subjected to this law and forced to issue a correcting statement if someone objects to something I write? Let me do a small experiment:

mr. Alfano is a lackey to mr. Berlusconi who is a crook.

This statement is clearly derogatory to the honour and reputations of messrs. Alfano and Berlusconi. Now waiting for the cease-and-desist letter.


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