Will you shell for an iTablet?

I know I might, provided that:

  1. costs no more than EUR 800 – I see this as a companion to my main MBP, which means some clever synchronization software would be a boon
  2. runs MAC OS X (goes without saying, you say? but is this a big phone or a small computer?)
  3. has 3G connectivity (as this rumor says)
  4. runs Keynote
  5. has a video out interface to connect it to a projector
  6. has WiFi (/n pleeeeez) and bluetooth for peripherals
  7. reads e-books formats
  8. weighs no more than 800 grams
  9. has at least 3 hrs battery life
  10. has at least 200 GB HD

Too much? not much to wait to find out, if the rumors are to be believed.


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