Prayer to El Jobso – the voiceless iPhone

Dear Leader, please:

  • make an iPhone with GPS.
  • make an iPhone with data capabilities and cell triangulation.
  • make an iPhone with WiFi (including 11/n, please !)
  • make an iPhone with video shooting and editing (really?) and playback, a decent camera and a flash
  • make an iPhone with some storage, (but don’t go overboard, as I keep my stuff in my 160GB iPod anyway)
  • make an iPhone which can synch from an iPod.

but please, don’t make it make telephone calls!

Oh wait, there’s a more efficient way. Dear Leader, please

  • make an iPod Touch with connectivity, GPS and a camera

(P.S. is there a way to disable voice calls on an iPhone 3GS ?)

UPDATE: I swear I had NOT seen this (Aw, nobody will ever believe it !) – OK, Steve, you’re getting there. Now throw in wireless data and a GPS chip and we’re done !


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