Talkback to EasyJet

Unexpectedly, I have found another company that does listen to Social Media. Paul, a representative from EasyJet (probably) noticed my rants and tweeted back, asking for some more constructive criticism – which is a wholly fair point. As it is the case for many, I appreciate the attention I am getting, and will try to repay it with some more articulated comments and a suggestion or two.

Just to complete the picture for Paul, here is a complete list of my posts on low cost airlines:

Having to sum up my criticism to EasyJet, I think it mostly falls in three categories:

  1. my self inflicted wounds – like the time you denied me boarding on the last flight out of Luton because I was 5 minutes late, and I ended up sleeping on the floor because it was snowing and hotels were packed. It’s my fault, by why not waive this rigidity in exchange for a surcharge? You sold me priority boarding, so why not late check in? After all, I’m traveling for business reasons, convenience has a steep price for me.
  2. your choice of airports – is it you who fly to Paris Beauvais? That place ought to be shuttered for public health hazard. Why on earth do you seem to enjoy making the terminals you use so thoroughly barren? I understand that slots there are cheaper, but why not make money out of some comfort? Without being so third-world like Beauvais, CdG T2 has no food or seats in the waiting area: build a lounge and charge for access, goddammit !
  3. some of your personnel does not seem to be having much fun – have no idea whether your salaries are lower than average, but this no reason to snap at passengers; herding cattle is a laudable behaviour when dealing with tourists, but whether by design or not, you now fly many slots that are suitable for business use, and suits – out of purely selfish financial reasons – deserve an incentive to help you boost your average revenue per passenger…

Food for thought, Paul?


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