iPhone 3GS misplaced outrage

Somebody invited me to a Facebook group to “ask Telecom Italia and Vodafone to lower the iPhone 3GS prices to market levels”. I declined because I have a different strategy: let it rot on their shelves for a few weeks, let them miss their commitments to Apple by a mile and then they’ll become reasonable.

Now, if the group was chartered

“I’m NOT buying a f*@ing iPhone 3GS until they lower the f*@ing price!

Hear that, Apple? Your partners’ greed destroys the market you create”

that I’d enroll immediately ! I’m a client. I vote with my wallet.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS misplaced outrage

  1. I’m following your advice. Very nicely put. I had the money ready. My V1 has a screen crack, but I will keep this one !!

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