Words I hate

Is it my cantankerous nature or are there other people that can’t stand some words?

I have no illusions of reforming the linguistic habits of my fellow countrymen, but  I decided to start a list of words I hate, alongside the reason I hate them; now the interesting twist is that I hate ITALIAN words, but this blog is written in ENGLISH – I am sure this will lead to some interesting circonlocutions to explain what a certain word means.

  1. SFIZIO – lit. whim; of a dialectal (I think neapolitan) origin, SFIZIO took a life of its own, becoming cool and then mainstream, and spawning a whole family of increasingly disgusting diminutives and derivatives like SFIZIOSO (adjective = whimsical) or SFIZIOSITA’ (noun = something of a whimsical nature). It is guiltily abused in menus of restaurants and pizzerie wishing to appeal to a younger target group and coming across instead as old dorks with a ponytail.
  2. ESTRAPOLARE – lit. extrapolate; for some reason, a lot of people confuse it with ESTRARRE (= extract) and misuse it accordingly. I don’t know why that happens, they don’t seem that similar to me. I think a longer word makes people feel they’re using a more accurate language. Or maybe too much TV is reducing our brains to a mush.
  3. QUANT’ALTRO – lit. anything else; hatred here is particularly virulent as I have surprised myself inadvertendedly using it. I could not really explain why I hate it so much, I suspect it depends on overuse by dislikable people.
  4. SEVERAMENTE – lit. strictly; it s used in official language (signs, statements, government regulation – see an example in the above pic) and it reinforces the stereotype whereby for italians there are things that are “forbidden” and things that are “really forbidden”. Jesus !!!

…more to come…


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