Bing, not Bong !

Having astutely forgotten about june 2nd being a holiday in Italy, I scheduled a whole bunch of confcalls with people who do not care much to celebrate Italy’s Republic (er, freudian slip, perhaps?), and in this quiet day I indulge in reading a lot of stuff that would not make the cut in a normal day.

Like critiquing Microsoft search engine’ name, Bing. Valleywag has a rather unflattering article here, but a lot of bloggers I follow post about how much they don’t like it. Sometimes it feels that whatever they’d call it, people would still hate it.

Bing !
Bing !

No Microsoft fanboi myslef, I must say that Bing feels kind of cool; I like the story whereby it would mean “Bing Is Not Google”, a tip o’ the hat to the recursive acronym mania so common in geekdom; I like its “the sound of found” definition and about the negative connotations discussed in the Valleywag article, well, I have news for all those suffering from provincial U.S.-centric myopia: the rest of the world doesn’t even know what you guys are talking about.

So tick me off among those who think Bing is actually a nice name. No idea if it will “verb up”: those things (Xerox, Google) seem to be happening more without clever planning, out of widespread use; I, for one, will definitely give it a go and will have no problem “verbing” it; provided, that is, that the search results are better than Google’s.

Bing, not Bong !


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