Freedom of press

I have lately discovered an obsession with freedom of press; and the more I hear journalists claiming Italy has plenty of freedom of press, the more I start thinking that if I were someone designing to reduce freedom of press, the first thing I’d do is getting plenty of people shouting that we’ve got loads of it and there’s no need to worry.

So maybe it is better to look at our beloved country with a more detached attitude. This group of journalists has devised a Freedom of Press Index of which they published two editions so far: Freedom of Press Index (2007) and Freedom of Press Index (2008).

I found these an interesting reading, although I am sure there will be those who disagree with the methodology and complain about the small subscriber base to the Charter. Some tidbits that tickled me:

  • Italy ranks 24th among the EU 27, down from 23rd in 2007
  • Worse in the EU fared only Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. Cyprus ranked 24th in 2007, but rose to #20 in 2008
  • in absolute terms, Italy fares worse than bastions of civil liberties like Costa Rica, Namibia, Suriname, Ghana, Mali, Uruguay

This and other posts on the same topic, as well as interesting links and documents will be posted in a brand-new top page.


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