Day slots

In traveling salesman parlance, “day slots” are those who allow you to get there in the morning, do a full day’s work, and return in the evening. Day slots destroy your social life, but are extremely efficient and their abundance is usually a sign of how much a certain city is embedded in the business world.

I just received one more confirmation about the (rapid decline in) relevance of the city where I live, Milano. Day slots between Milano and Munich are currently only flown by Lufthansa: Alitalia now conveniently (not !) stops you over in Rome, meaning you leave Milano at 6:30 but aren’t in Munich before 11AM. As a secondary consequence the average price shot up to around 600 euros.

A while back I carped about Zagreb, yesterday I realized only (despicable) EasyJet is left with day slots to Brussels, and this friday I am having the same problem with … London, for God’s sake !!

My thanks to our wise leaders.


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