Hello, goodbye!

Steve Gillmor says here he isn’t using RSS anymore. [OT, can someone explain the FabFour reference? Thanks]

He could not be more wrong. What he means is that he is not using a standalone RSS reader anymore. That mirrors somewhat my own experience, however I am still oscillating between not using Netvibes because all I care about is on Twitter which is cooler, or not using Twitter because all I care about is on Netvibes which is much more organized and easy to use.

The tide is swelling and all of the Social Crap is converging to multiple streams of XML-integrated activity flows defining a user’ personality online (hey, remind me to rant more about digital identities); I personally think ultimately all of this stuff will sit in the browser’s widgets, which might explain also the continuing effort of Google on Chrome: if the browser will rule ’em all, then you better have a well-established one, lest you risk irrelevance.

Hmmmm, now…. when exactly did I hear that ?


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