More on media and control

Here. Prominent journalist Vittorio Zambardino’ Facebook account gets deleted without explanation and he writes about it on “La Repubblica” website threatening a lawsuit. Reasons for cancellation are so far unknown despite contact with support: Zambardino himself hypothizes they (but who’s “they” ? The Vatican? Facebook’ management?) may have taken offense at some posts that were critical of the Pope commenting on all kinds of topics, but we don’t really know.

It is annoying that you get canceled without a word of explanation.

It is annoying that the property rights of the stuff you put on FB is unclear.

And I don’t like censorship, in any shape or form. I think it is more than annoying.

But having said all that, I am also annoyed at the thought that since you are not paying for the service (any service), the service has more or less the right to terminate you as they see fit. Let’s try to state this clearly: you DO pay for the service through the content you make available for general consumption by other members of the network; it goes something like this:

no users
no silly pics

no stupid comments to pics

no inane chatting on who looks dorkier

no traffic

no hope of monetization.

Is this clear ?


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