Hit & run

Busy couple of days: on thursday the good CSM session in Zagreb organized by Marina, Slaven and their crew: excellent organization, good turnout. I shared the stage with Vedran, who talked a lot about some nice projects they’re doing on Facebook (did you know on Facebook there are over 600,000 Croats out of population of about 4.5 million? Vedran said it’s better than looking up the telephone directory ;-D)

mmm, not Gianni ?
mmm, not Gianni ?

I especially liked the story about how a spontaneous chocolate milk fan page found that a competing brand was better after all, and moved en masse to the competitor’ fan page. Also, if you’re into ethnic food (and speak at least a little hrvastka) check out the Coolinarika website: a great community of people sharing recipes and tricks around the staples of croat cuisine. Their community manager, a sweet red-haired lady whose name I forgot joined us for the round table together with the one who recently started the SEAT community.

Heck, I even had time for an interview with business.hr which included a totally embarrassing mugshot; my press office should’ve sent them my official press pic (right), even though some unkind friends insinuate that this picture does not show my true self…

On friday, a day chock-full of project reviews and brainstormings with my dutch colleagues: don’t you just hate when people make you work? Maurits, Andrada, Vries, Bart, Jacqueline – they got it big time and are scoring like crazy.

Travel tip: ALL of my flights were perfectly on time, but stopovers are such a pain in the ass! I had to gobble an – even for me – unusual quantity of aspirins to keep going and smile to everybody. There must be something I am doing wrong, but if this thing is related to the pressurize-depressurize cycle, I’m done for good !

Let’s hope hi-speed trains become real fast!


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