Twitter hygiene

I said right from the outset I wanted to learn, and I just learned another molecule of Twitterite: followers are pouring in at an alarming rate, and I don’t think it’s because of my witty prose.

So far I have noticed three species:

  1. the people I know – I follow those regardless because I know them.
  2. the people I don’t know but behave like humans
  3. the human bookmarks – litter my feed with “I like this, I like that”. Nothing wrong with tweeting about something you think worthy of consideration, but not 25 times a day
  4. the silent Bobs – follow everybody, but contribute nothing

As a rule I follow everybody that follows me, but after a few days, I can the #3 and the #4 to kep my feed reasonably clean and interesting.


One thought on “Twitter hygiene

  1. Twitter became a real pleasure for me too after I did the same. I cleaned up my follows, going from over 100 down to less than 10 and started using to find the exact content I wanted. I am now back over 100 follows and I find that every day I read at least one article that helps me in some way. Almost 100% of my time spent on Twitter is using Twitterific on my iphone and I would say 80% of the time I am on twitterific is time that I wasted in the past. Wednesday I read a great article on packaging while waiting for the torture my dentist would eventually inflict on me.

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