My list of the people I follow on Twitter has hit the somewhat symbolic threshold of 100 – minuscule by twitteresque standards, but already enough to start seeing trends. For example, I am following a group of italian A-listers (if there’s such a thing) and have already noticed they move in schools: they were all at someone’s wedding over the weekend, and are all now over at some event in Rome, lavishing twitterpraise over the CEO of Telecom Italia.

Probably I’m being unfair or maybe just playing the outsider, but I think this is wrong. If these people, who supposedly know more than anyone else on Social Media, are spending all their time talking to each other, maybe a little worried about being where everybody else is, who’s gonna explain it to those who still don’t get it?

If I wanted to be real nasty I could quote Richard P. Feynman (my long-time hero, and – among many other things – 1965 Physics Nobel Laureate) who once said:

If we can’t explain some phenomenon in physics to a freshman,

it means we don’t really understand it.


3 thoughts on “Twitterschools

  1. I notice you’ve left a follow on my page. Help me understand what it is, how and why you do it. Benefit/purpose/objective?
    I’m now 9 days old as a blogger and on social media, so don’t know much!

  2. My dear friend, I’m afraid I do not know you, so I never knowingly linked you. In general I link (as all well-behaved bloggers do) articles or posts I think worthy to give appropriate credit to the author.

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