Who’s killing public speaking?

Jack’s been bugging me with Twitter for a while, but he never sounded that much convincing, as he has the same doubts I have. However, he sends in today this article which laments the damage twittering is inflicting upon public speaking. Reading the article and also most of the comments I see some sort of consensus whereby Twittering during a meeting or speech should be banned, or made a social sin. As a an user since only 72 hours, I am probably the person with the worst credentials in the world to defend Twitter.

This echoes similar calls to ban cellphones or blackberries and makes me a bit uneasy. I understand these rules during corporate meetings, many of which are not THAT interesting but are needed anyway: at the end of the day, Corporates have to make decisions, so please pay attention even if it’s boring!

Not so for public speakers, which have a strict duty to be interesting ! If they can’t compete with the random tweet or sports news snippet, well, I’m afraid it is the speaker’s problem, not the audience’. I am sick & tired of speakers who do not take their role seriously, not respecting their audience enough to make sure the investment of 45 minutes of their precious time is a worthy one.

I wouldn’t want for people to pay attention to me because they have no other option – it is not THIS the attention I crave, do you?

A captive audience
Pay attention, or else...

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