I thought the season of smartalecky names for new services had gone, but not so. Anyway, Vysr (there might be some beta invites available on the site) allows you to use the borders of your browser window (FF only at the moment) to take feeds and application updates with you from a bunch of sources without having to leave what you’re doing.

You get your news feeds at the bottom, and stuff like Facebook or Twitter updates, as well as “don’t-leave-the-window” access to resources like Wikipedia or YouTube, as well as email notifications. Sounds like an interesting declination of the aggregator concept – as usual I’m afraid it only becomes really useful if lots of people use it and lots of widgets get developed, othwerwise it risks the premature demise Netvibes is (perhaps) experiencing.

The bigger question remains: do people aggregate ? Or is it the visit-one-site-after-the-other-to-check-out-if-there’s-anything-new metaphor too “good enough” to be replaced by  an aggregator, albeit one with an unobtrusive UI like Vysr?

Do you aggregate ?

P.S. why does the bottom news feed keeps switching back to live Facebook updates instead of my carefully engineered news search?

P.S.2 why does the last.fm widget not allow me to select my station ?

P.S.3 why can’t I configure the Gmail notification widget to look up my hosted Gmail box?


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