Remember how TV broadcasters loathed TiVo because it allowed people to rip off the advertising breaks and let you watch the movie in peace?

Well, the digital age has its equivalent: Quietube allows you to remove everything from the YouTube page except the video.

The original YouTube page
The original YouTube page
The same page, "quieted"
The same page, "quieted"

Quite a difference!

Using Quietube is extremely easy, you just drag a bookmark to your bookmarks bar and press it when you are on the target YouTube page.

Wonder what stuff like this gonna do to Google’s bizmodel…

It’s also interesting that you can replace the ads that were on the original page with your own (see the little box below the video?), served by a different engine…

AdBrite is the second brainchild of pud (aka Philip Kaplan, the guy who invented now-defunct; I find it particularly fitting that the retribution to the web2.0 model comes indirectly through a guy that was doing web2.0 before anybody knew what it was.

To set the record straight however, Quietube is the work of James Bridle at Short Term Memory Loss – check out his site. Very funny !!

Now the question is: do people go on YouTube for the content or for the social features like commenting, rating and discussing? If Quietube takes off like a rocket, we will know for sure…


One thought on “Contrappasso

  1. call me old fashioned but I don’t mind that youtube or any other site runs adverts, any more than it bothered me to see the want ads when I read my local newspaper back in the day when print media still existed (they do seem dinosaurs now)…

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