The new journalism

Today I came across two separate posts that do not describe the death of journalism or say that all bloggers are jerks, both common discussions I staunchily refuse to take part in, but rather two people with ideas about how the unavoidable technologically-driven (r)evolution is changing the journalistic profession; in other words, two answers to the question:

How will journalism change (morph) ?

The first one is from Jonathan Weber; I dig how he essentially says that a new journalism would allow digital editors to be back very close to their originating communities. Which is what started the newspaper industry back in the 18th and 19th century: a good vehicle where I could advertise I was selling my apple pies.

Digression: the mandatory Wikipedia check taught me the first newspaper got published either in 1605 in Germany or in 1556 in Italy where it sold for the – how fitting ! – price of one gazetta: take that, anglosaxon pride !

The second one comes from Jeff Jarvis’ Buzzmachine and it’s the story of how the Bild’s editor Kai Dieckmann has built an interesting model using a product inspired by the Flip (the cheap camcorder manufacturer recently bought by Cisco).

So not necessarily only gloom-and-doom, but a realization that time will not stop ticking.


One thought on “The new journalism

  1. The NY Times just announced that they are seriously considering shutting down the Boston Globe this spring if they can’t negotiate a very favorable union agreement.

    What you’re saying really hits home when it hits close to home.

    PS- it needs to morph anyhow. Not just with respect to the business model but also in the way it’s practiced intellectually.

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