Wolfram’s back

I have read “A New Kind of Science”. It was the book that made me long for a Kindle way before the Kindle was even conceived. As I wrote in an Amazon review of the book, although I never met Stephen Wolfram I received a very strong impression of someone who could easily compete for the World’s Biggest Pompous Ass and get #1, #2 and #3 all by himself.

The tome is somewhat entertaining, at least in its first 400 pages, but then it drifts into baseless hard to follow repetitive drivel.

Mathematica is however an excellent piece of software, and I truly believe someone can be a genius and a complete asshole at the same time. SW is back with another stellar claim, i.e. a computational engine which provides answers to questions not by mechanically looking for occurrences of text strings, but by “understanding the question” and “providing the answer”. Whoa !

Read the piece on Ars Technica; check it out for yourself in may when it will be open to public in May.

In the meanwhile, has anybody got the cellphone number of Alan Turing by any chance?


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