Ted Dziuba is a well-known, if not necessarily SFW blogger/writer whose abrasive style and expletive-laden prose has earned it a faithful, if not mass, following. He likes to write on failures of the Web2.0 economy – think the son of FuckedCompany, with more words but less user participation.

In today’s column on El Reg, Ted rants against netbooks and it’s worth a read. Money quote:

Computers may get twice as powerful every year, but users don’t have twice as much demand for computing power. There’s going to come a point, likely very soon, where people will begin to ask why they need a 4GHz processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM to do word processing or spreadsheet manipulations – the same word processing and spreadsheet manipulations they have been doing for the last decade.

I’m quoting this because it echoes almost verbatim something I said circa 1988 at press round table with a bunch of other “experts”: I was running Lotus Development in Italy then, and sitting next to me were the guys running Intel and Microsoft; I was carping about the industry’ lack of truly innovative ideas and one of them, probably Intel, said: “C’mon, you’re not telling me people do with today’s spreadsheets the same things they did 10 years ago” and I responded: “If you ever had used one, you’d know they are doing less”.

Too good to miss, but didn’t make any friends.


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