Doofus lobbyists

The italian Social Media world is abuzz with this story: a showgirl-turned-conservative MP (Gabriella Carlucci – blog here) is proposing a law that would make “anonymous content posting of whatever nature a crime”. As the law design does not define what “anonymity” is, this post would be illegal, together with all its few comments or any comment to any Social Media site or any edit to any Wikipedia page and so on.

Purported to be a law against paedophiles, it’s being criticized because Italy already has an excellent law covering this shameful crime, and smacks instead of another pirate-busting scheme.

An interpretation which is all the more likely when one looks at the documents Carlucci herself uploads in her blog: the Word file properties reveal it has been written by a Davide Rossi of Univideo (the italian MPAA equivalent) – could this person be none-the-less than its President?

No doubt we will hear about this story again – let me, however, offer some free advice to doofus lobbyists like the ones who prepared Carlucci’s paper.

Help the profession, use PDFs. Really.


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