The Clinic goes to Brussels

A good session of the Clinic today with Alessandro at the EU Parliament in Brussels – my first ever to an audience of political communicators. And a slightly overextended version with a little more “educational” stuff in there. I realized that in these nine months the content of the seminar keeps changing – every version is slightly different from any other; for starters I don’t call it “the Clinic” anymore but rather, in most cases, “The Challenge of Social Media”.

I  realized I change the mix of examples to suit the audience when it’s homogeneous and make increasing use of multimedia as time goes by – for example I replaced my slides on RSS with the nice “RSS in Plain English” by Lee LeFever of CommonCraft (you can see the free version here, but it’s really worth the 20 bucks).

I think the result was good (for the audience to say, really) because when people are still alert and ask questions after two straight hours of talking, without pauses or breaks it is a rather telltale sign of the fact you got their attention. The room was unusual, as I was speaking in the center of a circular room with the audience all around me: a bit weird because the dome-shaped roof created a strong echo whenever I was standing at its center, but it also meant I had eye contact with every attendee, as they were all sitting in the “first row”. It is more physically exhausting, but very rewarding.

I appreciated the fact I didn’t need a mike, and the fact I had that big stage all to myself to run around, but the big screen was very difficult to see for those who where sitting right beneath it – rooms like this need two screens mirroring each other I guess.

I plugged this blog more than once, it’ll be interesting to see if any of the attendees drop by. Next stops: Milano (again !) next week and then Zagreb, april 2.


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