Different animals

I got it in both of last week’ seminars in Florence and Utrecht, and I will get it next week in Brussels:

Are bloggers different from journalists?

Should I treat them differently and how?

which nicely matches this discussion (in italian) arising from some blogger writing a rather celebrative post series after he was invited by Philips to a product launch event, and some other accusing him of “journalistic prostitution”.

This is for me enough of a coincidence to commit to this post my:

Top 10 reasons why bloggers and journalists are different

  1. Journalists write to live; bloggers live to write.
  2. Journalists “must” write – their income depends on this; bloggers don’t.
  3. Journalists inform their readers; bloggers express their opinions.
  4. Journalists check (or should check) their sources; bloggers don’t care.
  5. Bloggers do not care if a story is “news”; journalists are hysterical about newsworthiness. (Some debate on this…)
  6. Journalists serve (or should serve) the truth; bloggers serve their egos.
  7. Bloggers vent off what’s in their head; journalists follow the editorial policy of the publication.
  8. Journalists are not really equipped for a conversation; bloggers thrive on it.
  9. Journalists can pretend they are bloggers – to a point. Read Dan Lyons for what happens next.
  10. We PR people understand journalists (“understanding” is different from “loving each other”); in most cases we do not (yet) understand bloggers. (So why am I writing this? Because I think we collectively need to understand them better, and one of the ways is through practicing, I guess…)
  11. (from Alex in the comments) While journalists are impartial observers, bloggers are participants.

Any others? Something I missed?

3 thoughts on “Different animals

  1. Disagree with (5). Topicality matters and topicality and newsworthiness are cousins. Adding to the topic is adding ‘new’ things, news.

    Also, submit this to you: While journalists are impartial observers, bloggers are participants.

  2. #5: what I meant to address is whether bloggers are worried about whether a post will be interesting in the same way as a journalist does (as in “if the article doesn’t make it to print, I get no salary”) ?

    addition: totally !

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