Facebook hurts me !!

Sunday is my FB day – throughout the week at most I respond to requests, if that; on sunday I make a point of checking out what my friends are up to, which in itself it’s a rewardng thing. And every single week it takes me less than 10 minutes on Facebook to remember why I hate it: the ugliest UI ever conceived by man (or woman).

  1. I hate the “Where am I?” feeling
  2. I hate not understanding the difference between comments to links, wall posts, superwall, notifications
  3. I hate receiving messages like “XYZ commented – follow this link to respond” and finding myself somewhere different from where I thought I would be
  4. I hate FB apps. In the beginning I thought they were cool, as they allowed anyone to extend FB’s capabilities – now I understand how wrong I was: unleashed anarchy produces a cacophony of crap apps, hundreds of which do the same thing; nobody’s in charge, anything goes
  5. I especially hate how they impregnate my friends if by pure accident I click on a “Confirm” button
  6. I hate how FB allows everybody and his brother to hijack the UI and pretend they’re FB to trick you into doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do; I hate how they’re betraying the social network spirit to stay on the money side
  7. I hate multiple streams, I hate their twitteresque nature without the cleanliness of Twitter’s UI
  8. I hate groups, I think they DO NOT do any good to the understanding of Social Media

There! I said it. Ahhh, that feels better !!


2 thoughts on “Facebook hurts me !!

  1. I especially agree with your number 4 and extra especially with number 5, it irritates the hell out of me

    That stated, there is something very satisfying about FB. I have quite a few family on FB and living in Italy I don’t see them very often. My young cousin came to Italy with her high school class last year and I was very embarassed that when I met her I felt like a total stranger. Since then I’ve linked up to her on FB and I can follow her day by day and feel more connected. Facebook makes that happen quite naturally.

    Clearly they are also busily working towards monetising the site and that creates disturbances. Social networking, it seems to me, will for sure be the platform from which we all recieve information like news and product promotion in the neaer future, and Facebook now have a huge head start on the competition to dominate that space well into the future.

    • 100% with you – if it didn’t offer something very compelling, there wouldn’t be millions of us there. IT IS a great place but… I don’t know, I guess it’s like if TV wasn’t free we wouldn’t have obnoxious advertising in movies, but isn’t this one of the reasons some people are moving to pay TV ?!?!

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