Teaching music

Benjamin Zander at TED

This is something I have experienced in my business life time and again. Classical music scares people: they feel inadequate, they think they will feel bored, and fear it will show, classifying them as “uncultured pricks”.

But when someone actually takes the time of explaining what is going on instead of simply indulging on the onanistic pleasure of performance, they ALL resonate to it.

We had a conductor explaining to an audience of software geeks the similarities between an orchestra and a company.

We had Mozart and Da Ponte explaining to a pharmaceutical company top executives how divisions of a company can continue to play its own score and still be in harmony with each other.

We used a string quartet to demonstrate how a business strategy must be developed taking into consideration the environment in which it will operate.

In each of these and several other exercises, the result was always impressive, memorable, striking. And nobody was bored.


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