Participating in some giant group discussion at IBM over the future of marketing and communications. 1500+ marketing and comms folks from all over the world.

Easy to get lost, but nice to reconnect with some people I haven’t seen for a long time. They’re using Ning which IMHO is NOT the best Forum software I have seen (but neither is Lefora which Scoble likes so much).

Anyway lots of good ideas popping up, methinks Iwata-san really gets it.


4 thoughts on “Think

  1. Hey Gianni, one of the guys behind lefora here. We’re still building out our software and are looking for feedback (criticism is fine) on what features people would like to see in a forum solution. If you have any specifics on what might be missing or features you would like to see, please shoot me an email at ‘chief -at-’

  2. Vinnie,
    in no specific order:

    I think the best forum is one which makes easier for people to chime in whenever they want. I have only looked at some of your demo forums on the site, and I got the impression they are quite blog-ified (and that’s derogatory here).
    A blog (and certainly mine) is a place MOSTLY for one way communications – yes you will have the occasional comments (like here, now), but with a few exceptions, it’s about my rants.
    Thread management is of marginal importance
    A popular forum is one where a lot of stuff gets thrown in, but equally likely MOST of this stuff is kind of worthless; tools to flag / vote / karma popular discussions or significant topics are absolutely needed: a good forum needs to polish the nuggets and to bury the crap
    Use display real estate efficiently; maybe I simply did not look at the right examples, but the ones I saw again reminded me of some of the skins for WordPress: so space-wasting, to make me think he who uses them doesn’t have an awful lot to say

  3. thanks Gianni, I’m not sure what examples you looked at, but here is our support forum, supporting over 300 members with 1,000+ posts.

    We have many skins and themes, even ones that look exactly like phpbb, it takes only 1 min create and get up and running with a forum, you might want to test it out.


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