Web 2.0 tutorial – Intro

I will start this series of  Tutorials right at the beginning, as I believe that what goes under the “Web2.0” moniker is something we have been developing a lot of experience over the last couple of years. People tend to believe that there was something new triggering a new wave of interest in something that in reality has been in existence for quite a while.

And true, blogs ARE new: although people have been publishing personal web sites, this still required at least a basic knowledge of HTML – the true catalyst for the blogging avalanche was the availability of free hosted content management software which tore down any remaining barriers that still impeded Average Joe for sharing his/her thoughts with the whole world.

That brought between 35 and 70 million new publishers on the web almost instantly (depending on whose numbers you believe), in most cases for an ephemeral few weeks only, in some cases for more time, in some case permanently. And as it is often the case when you observe a very large number of relatively simple things happening, weird and unpredictable results occur (read Stephen Wolfram’s tome on cellular automata if you want to go the deep end on this).

The bottom line for us marketeers is a new kind of consumer, more self-aware, but most of all, more connected and therefore capable of self organization to achieve an objective, as a number of recent experiences have demonstrated, in a very effective manner.


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